Maybe I Should Have Been a Wargamer

Recently I played the Doom boardgame, and I have to say, man, that's really fun.  In a way, more fun than alot of my rpg experiences.  The game is suprisingly tactical.  There's alot of stuff to think about.  I haven't played a tactical combat this satisfying since I ran D&D (pre-burnout).

Should I be focusing on wargames instead of rpgs?  Probably not.  They look dreadfully boring, although Mordhiem rocked my socks off.  (And I've essentially been there, done that, commanded armies at a time as a D&D GM.)

I'm looking forward to running another Savage Worlds thing.  This time I'm going to pull out some of the more interesting tactical options, whip out the battlemap and burst templates and really go to town.  But I'd rather be *playing* in a really cool tactical Savage Worlds game.  Or D&D.  Or Shadowrun.  Or Exalted 2nd Edition.  But run them?  No thanks.

Bizarrely, the one game I'm playing in is L5R 3rd (which is much better than the older editions), and I'm playing a shugenja, which don't seem immediately gamable.  Perhaps as I accumulate more and more spells I'll have more options, but it seems like there's alot more chargen options for samurai.

(Maybe if Koihime dies, Alex will let me play Kakita Jun, tainted-from-birth duelist.  Who doesn't think she's tainted.  Overpowered yes, but with a tragic backstory!)

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