The Xbox Is Fun

So I am borrowing the XBox of one of my friends. It is really darn fun. I have a PS2, and I honestly couldn’t compare the systems on a hardware level, but the controller layout seems alot easier to handle.

Crimson Skies is awesome. You fly planes around and shoot stuff. And fly planes around. I do the craziest stunts. Because I can. There’s like a railroad tunnel that trains go through, right?

It’s just barely big enough for you to fly through the tunnel. With a plane! Booyah!
(And no, there wasn’t even a power up there. I did it BECAUSE I COULD!)

There’s also Nazis. And Nazi Robots. And Zepellins. And Nazi Zepellins. And Nazi Robot Zepellins. And no, I’m not making any of this up.

Jade Empire is also awesome. It has RPG-style customizable statistics, and a really cool fighting engine. The whole thing really feels true to the Wuxia style. You can collect special techniques and styles and stuff and your enemies all like “you cannot withstand my Dire Flame Fist Style!” and I’m all like “oh yeah?! My Tiger Claw style is superior!” and then they’re like “what, can it be? The Iron Body Technique? I should have known!” and I’m like BULLET TIME! But it’s with a sword, so it’s like SWORD TIME!

But seriously, Jade Empire is rocking awesome. I really want to play a Wuxia RPG right now.


3 thoughts on “The Xbox Is Fun

  1. Alex says:

    Jade Empire is good. Knights of the Old Republic is love.

  2. Tim says:

    I agree; KOTOR is pretty good. And you can play as the good guy OR the bad guy.

    My two favorite Xbox games is/was the Halo series and Sword Calibur 2. I just wish I could get SC3 on my Xbox….

  3. […] The Xbox Is Fun So I am borrowing the XBox of one of my friends. It is really darn fun. I have a PS2, […] Filed under Games by Sol Dowdal. Permalink • Print • Email […]

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