Buy Guild Wars: Factions

Guild Wars factions came out Thursday for us special pre-order folks.  It rocks, even harder than the orginal Guild Wars.  If you don't play Guild Wars, now's the best time ever to get in.  Why?  I'll tell you why… in the form of a top ten list!

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy Guild Wars: Factions

10: The tutorial information and area is amazing.  It's also skippable for those who don't like that kind of thing.

9: There's a spot waiting for you in the Iron Dragon Society.

8: Tengu!  What's not to like about malevolent sword-weilding bird-men?

7: Kaineng City is awesomely huge.  It's a third of a continent.  It has street-to-street fighting against outlaw guilds.

6:  Many maximum quality items can be bought from NPC vendors, and certain high level areas drop specific maximum quality items with high regularity, making acquiring high-end gear possible for all.

5: Semi-regular free-updates!  Three of the most popular areas in the game, the Underworld, the Fissure of Woe, and Sorrow's Furnace were NOT included in the original release, and were added into the game as a free expansion!

4: There's 8 professions to choose from, and you get a secondary, so there's FIFTY-SIX class options.  Furthermore, each class has 150 to 200 skills to choose from, and you can only have 8 equipped at a time, so variety within the classes themselves is huge.

3: Plus, you can change your skills at any town, and later in the game you can even freely change your secondary profession.  Endless variety!

2: You hit level 20 early, and the vast majority of the game is level 20 content.  No grind, just challenge.

1:  No Monthy Fee!


One thought on “Buy Guild Wars: Factions

  1. Alex says:

    If I could afford the distraction that would have been very distracting. As it is damn you for waving temptation across my field of vision.

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