Gone With the Winds

So here's a game I want to play in:

L5R.  The Four Winds era.

Take out the canonical Winds.  Who are the Winds, you ask?  The PCs, of course!

We're talking ass-stomping high-rank characters, player-driven plots, and interparty intrigue.  Ultimate sandbox game.

Of course, how do you get those characters all in the same place at the same time?  Easy, you just do what Rich Wulf does.  Give everybody their own seperate chunk of screen-time, and then have important key events that all the Winds are at and influence.  (Optionally: then have giant onisu attack.)

What would happen?  I have no idea, and the GM would have to be a metaplot adapting mastermind.  But I think it would be really rocking-cool.  (And I wouldn't mind interacting with canon NPCs so much, because, y'know, they'd be MY canon NPCs.  Get over here Haichi!  *whipping noise*)

(And Alex:  while I'm not suggesting that you scrap the current L5R game and run this, I am suggesting that if you did I'd be totally and awesomely on board.)


2 thoughts on “Gone With the Winds

  1. rachel says:

    your block of character is outstanding!

  2. Willow says:

    Thanks. I’m actually running this game! Check out Crosswinds over in the links. Zadura isn’t in it, although I did write the game stats for Toturi Katsumoto, based on the player’s preferences.

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