Exploring Exploration

The terms used in this post are pretty basic, but specific to RPG-theory.  Specific game-use defintions can be found here: http://www.indie-rpgs.com/articles/2/ and more detailed definitions of a whole bunch of crazy ten-dollar words can be found here: http://www.indie-rpgs.com/_articles/glossary.html

Ranking the Exploration Components:

Situation: 10!

I want stuff to be going on, I want it to be in my face, and I want it to demand my immediate attention.  I want the very events of the game to reach out at me and say, "what are you going to do, punk?"  I want the dragon to be in the cave with the stolen MacGuffin *and* the captured hunky prince.  Add in some giant robots and explosions, and you've got a recipe for action!

This one can't vary much.  If there's a lull in the action (however that's defined), my mind is going to wander, and I'm going to wish I was at home playing video games.

System: 8

I like fooling around with rules.  I like it alot.  I like copious crunchy bits, power ups, big numbers, and huge hefty handfuls of dice.  I'm not too fond of charts or excessive rules-looking up in play, so I learn towards rules that are weird and complicated, but simple enough that a reference cheat sheet is all that a player would need for looking things up.  Overly convoluted character gen and intersetting prepwork is fine, especially if I'm a player.  (As a GM, I don't really need more prep work.)

I can scale this one down a bit and stay entertained.  As a GM, complex systems make my job harder, and there's systems that are simple yet focused that I've enjoyed quite a bit (the Mountain Witch comes to mind.)

Character: 4

I've been known to make characters that were basically cardboard cutouts for me to hit things with a big sword.  I've also on occassion totally gotten into my character's head, kind of like method acting or something.  So a wide variety is possible here for me, and I tend to scale up pretty easily.  However, I'm not interested in character exploration for its own sake.  It doesn't matter how detailed your personality is; it's deeds, not words, that make the difference.

Setting: 4

I like reading about cool settings, and I definetely like cool-set peices as backdrops.  However, I generally feel like it'd be easier reading about the setting than trying to explore it in game.

Color: 1

The bane of my existence.  I tend not to care about the little, extraneous details.  They can be nice, they can be fun, but they usually slow things down, especially when people are focusing on extraneous details.  I hate color for color's sake.  As far as I'm concerned, the only good use for color is in a supporting role to something else.  This one doesn't vary too much.


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