Overpowered L5R Character

Related to my previous post Gone With the Winds, here's a rank 5 daughter of Toturi I wrote up.  She just barely squeaked in at 225 Insight.  She cost 303 xp, which is more than the 275 for a standard starting rank 5 character, and just under the 275 + 30 points of free advantages I was willing to give myself.  Also compare to Akodo Kaneka or Toturi Tsuado… either of them would absolutley MURDER me in a duel, although I'm pretty sure I could take one of them in a skirmish, but it would be hard fought and messy.

Toturi Zadura
Earth: 3
Water: 4
Fire: 3
Air: 4
Void: 3
Courtier 3 (Political Maneuvering, Manipulation)
Defense 7
Etiquette 4
Iaijutsu 3
Kenjutsu 6
Kyujutsu 2
Meditation 1
Athletics 2
Battle 5 (Battle Lore)
Jiujutsu 2
Lore: Bushido 5
Know the School: Bayushi Bushi 2
Know the School: Akodo Bushi 1
Know the School: Kakita Bushi 1
Calligraphy 2
Horsemanship 1
Insight: 225
School: Bayushi Bushi 5
Kata: Choking Air
Allies: Various (16)
Bishamon's Blessing (2)
Higher Purpose: Become Empire's Greatest Warrior (2)
Quick (2)
Sacred Weapon (Kakita Blade) 5<
Tactician (6)
Blood of Toturi (6)
Starting Honor +1 (3)
Contrary (3)
Lechery (2)
Sworn Enemy (2)
Compulsion: Cause Strife Among Potential Enemies (3)

(Note:  Her initiative is 15k5.  (Or does that translate to 10k10?)  In light armor, her TN to be hit is 39, +20 vs. those with lower initiative, +5 vs. wounded enemies.  If you attack her and miss, she gets four free raises against you.  She also calls her real raises after the attack roll- up to six with Kenjitsu, and can get up to three more free raises from Bishamon's Blessing.  Your best bet is to call her out to a duel before she can start a skirmish and cut you to ribbons.  Either that, or become her loyal retainer.)

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