Fast, Furious, Fun!

Savage Worlds remains all three of the above.

I just wrote up the stats for a big huge fight to take place when I play. It took me less than half an hour to look up the stock stats for orcs in the book, and extrapolate some stats for baddass “boss-level” orcs. Levelling up NPCs in SW is easy. Just tack on some stats, skills, add an Edge or two, give them slighty better gear, and you’re done. Making D&D NPCs is not fast, furious, or fun. If I wanted 3 10th level orcs, or even 5th level orcs, I would have to apply new attack bonuses, saves, skills, feats, spell slots, and equipment. This involves copious chart-examination and cross-referencing and optimization. SW does not.

I am seriously looking at Savage Worlds for all my future Dungeons and Dragons needs.


One thought on “Fast, Furious, Fun!

  1. Alex says:

    I actually find statting NPCs a rather enjoyable task. d20 NPCs especially as there’s so much to do. Mmm… feat selection…

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