I Love Trouble Tickets…

…for all the wrong reasons. 

It's a little dark corner of the rpg.net forums.  What is it?  Ostensibly the site discussion and announcement forum.  But that's not why I love it.

It's like a seamy gossip-rag.

Why bother with Tangency's could-be flamewars hoping for someone to get banned?  Just go to Trouble Tickets, and look for a thread saying "so and so is banned."  The ever-so-helpful mods provide a link to their banning post, and that's your gateway to a magical thread which got derailed by personal attacks.

I don't even know who any of these posters are, and I'm uninformed about whatever it is that they're arguing about.  But they're really, really passionate about it, and take it far too seriously.  As an entertainment medium, it's delicious.

If Tangency is a soap opera, then Trouble Tickets is the spoiler-packed commercial for that soap opera.


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