My Novel Needs Feedback


Almost six months ago I wrote a novel.  It's been through two revisions, but badly needs reader responses and feedback before I can really go anywhere with it.  I want to have another rewrite under my belt before I start trying to send it out to publishers.

If you haven't read it and would like to, comment or shoot me an email ( and I'll get you a copy.  It's a 53,000 word sci-fi novel about a woman who's spaceship crashes on an unknown planet and she has to find a way to survive.

If you have been sent a copy, tell me what you think of it already!  To date, not one person other than my parents has given me any feedback.  Which my novel needs.


2 thoughts on “My Novel Needs Feedback

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  2. Erm, I’m game if this is still open, I’ll drop you a line, just a prior warning that I’m going to contact you. Erm, and tell me if you don’t want this feedback anymore. Also…I may take a while, I can be slow and busy. And I need to know whether you want general macro feedback or full on micro editing. I can do both I guess, but the latter is a hella lot more stress from my end (just means it’ll take longer…oh, and I’ll only do it if I really like the novel itself). Anyway, I’ll e-mail you

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