Take This Job And Love It

In the past six months or so, I committed a dreadful mistake at work:  I became mind-numbingly efficient at my job.  Sometimes its hard just filling up so much…time.

Anyway, this past week or so at work has been suprisingly refreshing.  I've basically become the go-to-girl for stuff that no one has any idea how to do.  Partially this is because our accountant, the other really-well-informed person in the office is on vacation and I'm filling in for many of his duties, and partially because I've recently become more active in pushing projects and going ahead and doing them my way, because there isn't really any other way out there.

And damn, I really enjoy trying to figure out ways to do things that no one else knows how to do.

As a side note, I'm continually amazed at the results you get by having access to the right files, and finding the right phone number to call.  It's the "information-control" bureaucratic-filter:  since I know the right questions to ask, obviously, I am in a position to ask those questions.

It's also rather nice how often my co-workers tell me that they'd all be screwed without me.  (They would be.  I literally wrote the book on how to use our current computer system.)

Gotta go, duty calls!


2 thoughts on “Take This Job And Love It

  1. Daniel says:

    Honestly, just tell them how bored you are with your current duties now and you’ll be a manager in no time flat.


  2. Willow says:

    Sadly, there’s no job to take but my boss’s.

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