Banned By Weblocker

If you can see this site, you probably don't have WeBlocker.I finally have been given the master password, and its tyranny is over.  It functions on somesort of wordfilter tallying, with different scores for different words- but I know there has to be some sort of percentage chance in there, because it often alternately blocks/doesn't block the same site, even if there's no change in content.Anyway, I took a gander at the master blocked word list, which, as you can imagine, was nastier than anything that was on anything that it ever actually blocked.  As it turned out, only the 'Adult' and 'Pornography' categories were turned on.  If the 'Gambling' or 'Firearms' categories were turned on, lots of cool, gaming related words, like 'bookmaking' and 'sniper training' would be on the block list, and I'd never get to read, let alone the Forge.

Anyway, here's my "favorites" out of We-Blocker's word-block list.



Bonner (I think this is supposed to be Boner)

Fantasy (Blocks all the time)

Hard (Also blocks  More than Fuck, actually)


Model (blocks the company’s corporate website)


I find it hilarious that Hard and Fantasy are the words that block and this site (and probably just about any rpg site) more than anything else.  Even the copious swear words that get tossed around over there, and conversations about “big vagina island.”

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