Top Ten Enemies

I just beat FF1 for the GBA.  It's a fun little game to while the time away, but the ending makes no sense at all.  Anyway, when you beat it, you can open the Bestiary and see which monters you fought, and how many times you killed them.  It's kind of interesting.

Willow's Top Ten Dead Final Fantasy I Enemies:

#10:  Ogres- 135

#9:  Pythons- 137

#8:  Goblins- 156

#7:  Wolves- 161

#6:  Death Elementals- 174

#5:  Desertpedes- 197

#4:  Sahagin- 250

#3:  Skuldiers- 274

#2:  Gloom Widows- 330

#1:  Black Goblins- 799:  They're only in four specific dungeons, but those dungeons have random awesome loot and you can't kill all the bosses in just one time through.  Still, I'm suprised that the number was so high.


One thought on “Top Ten Enemies

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