Shadowfist Draft is a Harsh Mistress

There was a draft event down at Netherworld games today.  My first SF draft event ever, a blast and a half.  We drafted 3 packs of Standard, 2 of Netherworld 2, 1 Red Wedding, and 2 of Two Fisted Tales.  Everyone got 9 basic Feng Shui Sites and 2 foundation pods, as well as an Elephant Gun(!) and a Sword of the Master(!!!!) to start out with.

I knew this going in, and I know it more going out:

Big characters win games.  Big characters are not so easy to find.

With the exception of my Queen of the Ice Pagoda (!- she was in a pack with ANOTHER Queen of the Ice Pagoda- she's easily the best card in Standard edition, and when I passed the pack to Chris, I told him he'd be wondering all night what the hell I drafted that was better than that!)  I didn't have a base fighting above 4.  I drafted heavy Ascended early, hoping to soak up classic Ascended power cards later on with no one drafting that faction.  Unfortunately, even with 12 packs of Standard to go around (and 8 packs of Netherworld 2 for a Bite to show up), I only managed to get one Mole Network (there was an Covert Op out there, but Jim drafted it, but didn't play it.)  That's right, no Operation Killdeers, no Shadowy Mentors, no Bites of the Jellyfish.  Sigh.  Official Harrasment was awesome, but it's not from Standard.

I *did* get two Family Estates, which were sort of the core of the deck, except I only ever saw one between three games of play!

For 'hitters' I had the Queen herself, G-Man (4+ fight), Lucius Centares (4+ Fight), Butterfly Knight, Morphic Spirit, Ogre, Shadowy Horror, and Liquidators.  I had a Self-Made-Man but later subbed him out for a Muckracking Journalist to slow Jim down.  Note how many of those are foundation characters.  I was running mostly Ascended dudes, with a splash of Monarchs, and some Purist and Lotus beefy foundations.

All in all, I feel I did well with what I had to work with.  I learned a lot about draft, and had a great last Shadowfist event before going out of town.


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