Day 2: Adventure!

Mom snores.

Breakfast at the Best Western was subpar.  It's my understanding that all Best Westerns are required to provide a free breakfast with at least two hot items.  Maybe it's the fact that we came down late, but there wasn't much good stuff.  I'm not really that big of a breakfast person anyway.  I had a bagel, some juice, and what little leftovers there were from last night's dinner at Applebees.  (Not much.  Mom and I were really hungry last night.)

So the pre-operative consulation with the doctor was at noon, and I didn't get out of there until two (there was a lot of waiting- she's a very busy lady).  I had some forms I had to take over to the main administrative desk, which was hard to find since they just remodeled their main offices.  There was some confusion about whether I was at the right place (I was) and whether I needed an EKG (I didn't), and they gave me some pamplets on living wills (oh god!) and sent me off to the lab to get blood drawn.

I've had blood drawn before, and consider myself not freaked out about it.  However, considerably more blood was drawn than I am typically used to.  That, coupled with the fact that I hadn't had much to eat that day left me extremely light headed as I walked back to the lobby.  There were some pillars at the edge, so I decided to prop myself up against one for a minute.

The next thing I remember, I was on the floor, wondering why I was on the floor, with lots of people coming by trying to help me.  (If you're going to lose consciousness somewhere, do it in a hospital.)   Mom was reading in the waiting room, but showed up about this time, wanting to see what the fuss was about, and then finding out it was about me.

So they put me in a wheelchair and took me to a patient's room, took a blood sugar reading, a blood pressure reading, put me some oxygen and gave me some juice.

A doctor came by and suggested I get a CAT scan- alledgedly an eye witness said I fell and hit my head, but based on my positioning before I lost consciousness, the fact that I woke up on my side, and that there wasn't any pain or swelling I was skeptical.  My mom got ahold of the doctor who's actually going to be treating me tomorrow, and she agreed.  So I got out of there without any expensive tests.

Ooh, and I had to take a laxative this afternoon, so I'm not allowed to eat solid food.  That's a whole different pile of 'fun.' 


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