Thank You For Going This Way Lies Madness

I just want to give a shout out to anyone who’s ever read this page, especially those of you who are reading it right now.  It doesn’t matter how you came here, but hopefully you left with a chuckle and a new idea to kick around.  It really pleases me to see the number of hits I get (a couple dozen a day), and knowing that folks out there are reading what I have to say, no matter how rambling or bizarre it might get.

Major props to my real life friends who read my blog, my Iron Dragon Society guildmates, anyone who’s read one of my posts and clicked on the link in my signature, and even those sickos who search for “Adult Games,” “Play With My Catheter,” or “Enema With Own Urine.”  You people disgust me, but thanks for sending me traffic.


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