Windwaker is Alright

I haven’t been a fan of the recent Zelda games.  Hero of Time or whatever the N64 one was ok, but suffered from the fact that it was my little brothers and he always gave me spoilers when I didn’t want them.  Majora’s Mask turned me off big time; I don’t like losing from a time-out gimmick before the game even properly starts because I can’t find the one house I’m supposed to go to.

In general, Zelda games have the “one-solution-problem” syndrome:  where’s the one person in the whole world I can talk to to advance the plot?  Windwaker doesn’t really change this, and I’ve had to consult the brother on just where I go to do something (luckily, he has bigger concerns now, and only gives advice when its wanted).  There’s still aggravating music puzzles and aggravating jumping puzzles, although they seem a bit more benign than those in the N64 versions.

Where the game seems to shine is the sandboxy-world exploration, and it promises to only improve as the game goes on.  Hunting for stuff, fishing for treasure, sailing the high seas, ahoy!  (Of course, the majority of the game is a railroad, but at places the tracks are pretty darn ride.)

So yeah, it’s alright.  I’m still playing it.


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