Letting Go

This week I’m going to Half Price Books.

I’ve long known it to be a great place to find rpg books on the cheap.

But I’m not going intending to buy.  I’m going to sell.

It started with rpg.net’s RPG Swap thread.  People trade their used and unloved rpg books.  It’s worked great.  I’ve cleaned out a bunch of books I’ll never use again, and got books that I might not never use, but haven’t read.

But what I’ve really learned, is that it’s ok to give up an rpg book.

We treat our books like sacred objects.  But its worth taking a fresh perspective and looking at the real value of these books.  How likely are we to use them again, read, or even skim them?  Does this book hold any future value?  Is there even nostalgia worthwhile in owning this book?

For many of my books, the answer is no.  If I can trade one, or even two or three for a book that will give me fresh ideas and fresh games, I’m willing to do it.  And if I can’t do that, if no one wants to trade for them, then maybe I’ll cash in at the used book store and get a few bucks, and buy myself something that I can use now.


One thought on “Letting Go

  1. Tim says:

    So…*which* Half-Price Books is it going to be? 🙂

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