Task vs. Scene

Just a random thought- I theorize that any task based resolution system can be rather effortlessly converted into a scene based resolution system.

First, get out your favorite hippy task-resolution guide, like the one in Shadow of Yesterday or Mountain Witch or what-have-you.  Figure out what’s at stake, who rolls what, and then get the rolls in and the prizes awarded.


In D&D you have a trapped hallway.  You might have the rogue make repeated Search and/or Disable Device rolls.  These can be reduced down to ONE roll of each, by importing Letting it Ride from Burning Wheel.  Then you just set up things like:

“Ok, make a Search roll and a Disable Device roll.  If you make both, you’ll disarm all the traps in the whole dungeon.  If you fail the search, you’ll end up triggering every trap in the whole dungeon.  If you make the search but fail the Disarm, you’ll trigger every trap, but the rest of the party will have some warning.”

The World of Darkness makes use of extended rolls:  make lots of rolls and try to accumulate successes.  This can be useful when it represents a time-crunch, but succeed/fail is usually more interesting, and the stakes of failure can simply be framed as running out of time, making only one die-roll needed if the GM phrases things right.

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