No Smoking

I really hate smokers.

What you do to yourself in your own home is your business.  You’re stupid enough to give someone money for something that kills you.  Fine by me.

Do you give me tacit consent for me to randomly stab you for no reason?  No?  Then why do you think it’s ok to smoke around me?  Just because you want to breathe poision doesn’t mean I do.

I’m not saying we should illegialize cigarettes, (although public smoking bans are a great move, and I applaud Madison for the steps taken so far), I’m just saying that we should legally equate smoking around someone to assault.  If you light up, I want to be able to slap cigarette right out of your mouth- in self defense- and have you go to jail.  Now THAT’S what I’m talking about.


One thought on “No Smoking

  1. Daniel says:

    Hell yeah!


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