New Cards, New Decks, New Cards

One of the reasons I like CCGs is the pre-game strategy.  You get to spend time coming up with a brand new concept, working on your deck, finding weird combos, tuning it to make it better, taking it apart when it doesn’t work, and repeating the process.  It’s a great ordeal of mental engineering.  I love it.

Nothing brings this out more in me than owning new cards.  As of yesterday, I own a whole bunch of new cards, and those cards cry out to be used.  Old decks get refined or pulled apart, and I get to spend hours going over my cards, dreaming up awesome possibilities.

One rule I have, as of recently, is any time I make a new deck, I want to use at least 5 cards I haven’t used before.  Ever.

There’s a number of cool benefits to this:

*I get to use more of my cards as a whole.  That way, there’s less chaff in my collection- everything gets used at some point or another.

*I find new funky combos I never knew existed.  Some cards that don’t look that great are actually really good; they just need a chance to be played.  This is especially true in Shadowfist.

*Surprise Factor:  Your opponents won’t be expecting your tricks.  Whether they laugh at you pulling off a combo with an obscure jank-character, or you play a little-used niche card that wins you the game, it’ll be a good time for all.  This is even true in tournament play- little used, but good cards are key to getting around opponents that know the game inside and out.


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