I rarely remember my dreams, so if I do, you know it’s going to be good!

Okay, so my whole family was on Let’s Make a Deal.  There was this whole mini-game where you had to pay $5 per go to earn a certain prize, and I did the math and figured out that’s not how game shows are supposed to work!  So Monty Haul got really mad, and kicked us off the show.  And then we were outside the studio, and suddenly I knew that we had to run and hide, because Monty Haul was going to send his goons and make us ‘disappear.’  We went back to our house, only it was the house we lived in when we lived in Nevada.  I had this great plan for getting away from the guys who were after us, and was all ready to leave, but my mom said she wanted to take a shower first.  I was waiting for her to get out, and these guys in two flatbed trucks drove outside our house, and I knew it was them.  So I locked the front door and deadbolted it and used the chain lock, and then ran outside to the back (past my little brother, who was just playing in the living room like everything was fine), jumped a fence into a neighbor’s backyard, and tried to make my escape on my own.  Whew!


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