So, I recently became a proud cat owner.  My kitty’s name is Munkie!  Yes, the exclaimation point is part of her name.

As it happens, the boy next door to me also owns a cat.  We both live on the second story of our apartment complex, and we have balconies that overlook our parking lot.  He leaves his exterior door open, and sometimes when I get home from work, his cat is sitting out on the balcony.  Its pretty adorable.

So I was trying to sleep, and Munkie! starts meowing all crazy like.  I get up to see if she needs food or if she threw up or something, and then I see it:

My next door neighbor’s cat is sitting outside on my balcony, looking at Munkie!, and Munkie! is having a fit.

Those balconies are positioned such that jumping from one to the other doesn’t seem very easy.

I pinned the drapes shut, so Munkie! couldn’t see the other cat, and that seemed to calm her down.

2 thoughts on “Cats!

  1. Josiah says:

    names with exclamation points are awesome

  2. Tim says:

    I thought this entry would be about John Wick’s game. 🙂

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