n Card Mindgame

So hopefully you actually read and thought about the 3 Card Mindgame: https://willowrants.wordpress.com/2006/08/31/3-card-mindgame/

Ok, I promised there would be an awesome conclusion.  (If you didn’t go through the 3 Card Mindgame thought exercise, this will be less awesome.  Go do that right now.

Ok, we know from our analysis of the 3 (or more) card Mindgames that it’s essentially a pointless game:  there’s no strategy, and you’re no more likely to win than you are with RPS.

Why is that?  Here’s the rub:  each card play is meaningless.  There’s no context; each one is just worth “a point.”

When you put this in an RPG context, and make each play is own self-contained stake, it becomes meaningful.  Suddenly its not just “do I get a point?” its “do I rescue the princess?”  The game now becomes something of “how much do I care about this?” and is suddendly interesting and relevant again.


One thought on “n Card Mindgame

  1. Josiah says:

    Yeah, there’s a card game where 2 players each have cards 1 to n and in the middle you randomly reveal cards 1 to n. For each card revealled, the players pick a card. The winner gets the card in the middle, worth the number of points on it. Ties are removed from play.

    Once you are playing for variable amounts of points (ie not always one point), it’s interesting.

    I almost mentioned this in the earlier thread as I thought this might be where you were going.

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