Show The Love

Grumbling Dwarf just unveiled its new indie games subforum.  I think this is a totally awesome move, and helps the visibility of indie games in a big big way by putting it out there in with the ‘mainstream.’

(If you don’t know, Grumbling Dwarf is a Wisconsin based forum for gamers and player finding.  The guy who spearheads it is located here in Madison, so I think its a cool thing.  Up until recently, I didn’t have much to say/do with it, but I’ll be checking out the indie sub-forum pretty much daily.)

Anyway, its still geting off the ground.  I went and posted some links and stuff (after all, if new potential recruits stop in and just see an empty forum, they won’t want to be indie gamers, now will they?)  If you have a vested interest in that sort of thing, hopefully you’ll go out and do the same.  (And if you’re Daniel, hopefully you haven’t just deleted all the files that were on indiegamingunderground and have some backup lists someplace.  I found those really useful, and they should be shared with others.)


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