Funny Friends is Fun

Today at Madison Board Gamers, I played 2F’s Funny Friends.  It’s a cool game on two levels.

One it’s a 4-6 player auction game that plays in an hour, and plays well. The auction components are pretty good.  You’ve got a couple of different resources, you have a mix of hidden and revealed goals (so you can’t be sure who’s going for what), and there’s competition for the limited resources you want.  Many of the early things to do simultaneously help other players out too.

On the other hand, the situations are fun and somewhat absurd.  I won: after dying my hair green and meeting Pat (another one of the players) at my Church group, I started a cult, became a millionaire, married pat, got an STD from him (from a guy he met at work), had our marriage on the rocks when he spent too much time at work, but I lured him back with my millionaire bling we made up and lived happily ever after… until I spent too much time playing online games, putting on weight and allowing me to fufill my life long dream of getting liposuction.  (Thus winning the game.)  If that’s not fun, I don’t know what is!


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