Games Survey

Heya all, here’s a little survey I’m doing.  The answer can be any game, board, card, roleplaying computer, or whatever.  Feel free to post your answers here.

Question One:

What are some of your favorite games for strategic play?  Please list 5-10.

Question Two:

What are some of your favoritie games for tactical play?  Please list 5-10

Question Three:

What are your favorite game mechanics from any game?  Once again, please list 5-10.

Feel free to elaborate on the why’s and the how’s, if you like.


3 thoughts on “Games Survey

  1. Rahvin says:

    5-10 examples of “favorites” is hard.

    1) Stragegic Play: Magic the Gathering, Battletech, Traveller, Masterbook (but its too broken to play the way I want), Warhammer 40k, Netrunner

    2) Magic the Gathering :), Battletech CCG, Nuclear War.

    3) I LOVE the core mechanics in Battletech CCG: Speed, Patrol, and you can attack or defend anything. I keep trying to use these in other games. I like character classes from AD&D more than point-buy. Love Dogs in the Vineyard’s escelating conflicts. Like that you can customize hits in Burning Wheel. Love “Essence” in Shadowrun 3rd ed. Love the whole damn AP system in Blood of Heroes and DC Heroes and also the skill system in that same game as it relates to powers. Love the simplicity of the AP logorithms; For example, Throwng distance = Strenth – Weight. 6 – 2 = 4, check the chart for 4, okay, got it. Also, really handy for trying to stop that meteorite before it hits the earth! 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    1) Magic: the Gathering, Asheron’s Call, Settlers of Catan, Mage: the Ascension (as a player) Vampire: the Masquerade (as a ST)
    2) Magic: the Gathering, Chess, Halo, Bloodbowl, Disc Golf
    3) The Hierarchy of Sins from Vampire, the Sanity system from Call of Cthulhu, the Trust mechanics from The Mountain Witch, the dual-reality “mechanic” from Changeling, stunt narration in Feng Shui

  3. Rahvin says:

    Ooooh. That’s good. Add Settlers of Catan to my list! 🙂

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