My Kitty Loves Me!

Ok, a happy kitty post after yesterday’s sad kitty post.  Munkie! is once again bothering me in my sleep, which is so adorable.

I got some supplies today, and took apart the cat carrier and cleaned it so it doesn’t smell like pee.  (I wouldn’t want to be locked in a cubicle that reeked of pee, so I can’t really blame her.)  I got her a scratching post, which she sniffed, rubbed against, and then went back to scratching the walls.  And I got her catnip, which made her go absolutely nuts.  She was willing to eat it out of the taken-apart cat carrier, so that’s a start.


2 thoughts on “My Kitty Loves Me!

  1. Tim says:

    As silly as this sounds, try showing Munkie! how to use the scratching post with your fingernails. Since cats are kind of slow, you will probably have to do this 10-20 times before she understands what it’s for. You’ve seen my stairs; if you don’t train your cat to use a post early enough, you’ll regret it later.

  2. I agree with Tim, we did that with both of our kittens and eventually they used the scratching post instead of the furniture.

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