Agon Wrocksoars

I finally sat down to read Agon tonight.  Daniel said I’d like it.

He wasn’t lying.  I was completly sold after the introduction.  I must play this.  I must buy this.  I must pwn others.


5 thoughts on “Agon Wrocksoars

  1. Daniel says:

    It’s hard being right all the time.


  2. Rahvin says:

    What is Agon? What do you like about it?

  3. josiah says:

    Isn’t that the one with the french booth babes at gencon?

  4. josiah says:

    wrocksoars your bachsirs

  5. Willow says:

    Agon’s an indie game, so I doubt it had French booth babes.

    Here’s the website.

    It’s a blatantly competitive game, but here’s the twist. The GM is the ‘Antagonist’ and populates the world with monsters (but he has a budget). The PCs gain Legend points (which also turn into xp) for doing things like highest die roll in a simple conflict, wounds inflicted in battle, etc. Whichever player has earned the most Legend over the campaign is winning. There’s no direct PvP; it’s all indirect showboating. The writer says this is his take on how D&D is played, that the real confrontation is who can be the most bad-ass, and he’s just formalizing it. If you like blatantly competitive games (HINT: I do!) then you’ll like this.

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