Best of Willowrants

This Way Lies Madness has been around for almost six months now!  In a move brilliantly stolen from Troy Costick’s blog, I bring you my ‘best-of’ picks.  If you’re new to my blog, these are the posts I want you to read.

Gaming & Game Design:
Errata is Change is Good:
Tell Me The Rules to Your Game:
Aboutness: Crunch/Fluff
Out With a Bang, Not a Whimper
The On Game Theory Essays:
On Maneuvers:

Novel Writing:
My Novel Needs Feedback:
An Excerpt From My New Novel:

One thought on “Best of Willowrants

  1. […] the best posts of the last six months, all in one convienient post.  Hey, didn’t I do something like this a while ago?   This one has even more best posts, which means I’m either writing more great […]

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