Shattered Vistas Update!

Remember way back when Daniel, Victor, and I had a playtest of this (at the time, still the Reserve System?)  And how the damage system was really screwed up, but I couldn’t figure out quite how?

Yeah, me neither.

Anyways, I’ve figured it out:  the defensive stats were working as damage reduction.  Stamina 5?  Someone would have to do 6 damage in one hit to hurt you.  The results were huge at low stat levels, making it impossible to hurt someone without sinking massive reserves into the roll, (and through my own research) mostly negligible at higher stat levels.  Daniel suggested halving the Passive Stats to get their armor value, but that always seemed awkward, and I suspect it wouldn’t make anything better.  Also, damage after the armor translated into dice penalties at a 1:1 ratio, which made the death spiral super crazy once a hit finally did get through.

So, going back to my lessons from that playtest:

1) The damage system is screwed up.

2) Checking off lots of boxes is fun.

Armor from passive stats?  GONE.  The sacred cow is gone, and its in our bellies.  If your Stamina is 5, you jot down any damge you take, and every 5 damage is a -1 wound penalty.  Bada bing, bada boom, people can actually hit eachother, and high power folks don’t vaporize each other instantly (with the 6s=extra damage rule, as die pools climb, so does the carnage, even to the winner).  And as an added bonus, there’s extra boxes to check off.

Another huge change:  I’m probably dropping the Fate Reserve as a basic everyman reserve, and turning it into a special power.  There was too much confusion about what it did, compared to the more obvious Effort Reserve, and I want to make people *pay* to be lucky, to keep idea that luck itself is usually out to get you have some pointier teeth.

A small, minor change:  Maneuvers are now called Actions.  It’s faster, and it’s way less confusing, since there was a Maneuver called Maneuver, and a MANEUVER keyword and a maneuver keyword and a Maneuver keyword.


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