They Keep Raising the Bar

Everytime I think I’ve come to understand my co-workers, I realize I don’t.

Some of their classic quotes are here:

Coworker #1 in Logbook:  “A new log book 2 start the new month 🙂 How ironic?”

Coworker #2’s Voice Mail:  It’s her kids, singing the alphabet song.  In its entireity.  BADLY.  At least one of them clearly does not know the alphabet.  At the end, Coworker #2 chimes in with “next time won’t you CALL US BACK!”

Coworker #1, in employee logbook again:  “Schedule problems, I cannot handle it.  Quietly and calmly, I need the 2nd and 4th Saturday off each month- why is this so difficult?  Sorry, venting.”


2 thoughts on “They Keep Raising the Bar

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