Ok, It’s Time For a Campaign

I’m sick of irregular gaming.  It’s fun when you first do it “oh, we’ll get to try lots of stuff out!” “oh, whoever’s available can make it!”  “it’s totally casual!”

I want a gaming commitment.  Casual gaming all to easily turns into no gaming.

I’m not saying I want to be playing the same old game week in, week out for years and years, but it would sure be nice to have a running game to look forward to that lasts a few months.  It’s the sort of stability I really want right now.


3 thoughts on “Ok, It’s Time For a Campaign

  1. Daniel says:

    Run Burning Empires?


  2. thisisvictor says:

    I know that feeling well, I’m pretty happy right now, because yesterday I ran The Sword Burning Wheel demo at the college gaming club and everyone had a good time. All four people who played are interested in playing in a bi-weekly BW game, so I’m planning on running that.

    I’m going to run the demo again next week and try to get a bit more interest. Right now, I go “Play Burning Wheel!” and most people at the club respond “Ahh! It doesn’t use a d20! I can’t play that!”.

  3. Willow says:

    Scripting sheets and erasable markers. Let them see the awesome props.

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