Fantastic Video Card Adventure!

My video card has long been a source of woe.  It is made by the Jaton corporation (, which I’m pretty sure is still based in Taiwan despite their website’s claims otherwise and doesn’t support my card any more.  I have had driver error after driver error, reinstalled, uninstalled, used driver cleaner, used windows update, used just the base drivers, used omega drivers, nothing worked.  This would not do.

Yesterday, I went to best buy and picked up a Geforce Fx 5200 card from PNY (  I couldn’t get it installed, after trying like ten times (some of those times had Matt on the phone).  It wanted the base Windows drivers to build off of- which I had just uninstalled to make for a clean install, but I was able to find with searchfu and the Last Good file.  The installation was still a no-go: it said its own files from its own CD were bad.  Matt and I searched the company’s website for driver updates or installation information.  The company’s documentation says that there’s information online.  Yeah, right.

Today, I returned to Best Buy and returned my card, picking up the cheaper GeForce 6000 that I wondered why I hadn’t bought the day before.  After getting home, I realized why: I don’t have a PCI-16 slot or whatever it’s called.  I need an AGP slot card.

Another trip to Best Buy (they recognized me) I got an ATI Radeon X1300 card.  ($99)  This was unbelievably easy to install and has worked perfectly.

So I recommend against Jaton and PNY.  I recommend Best Buy for buying any hardware you might need to return, since it was as hassle free as could be.


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