Hate Your Job? Quit!

I am so tired of hearing my co-workers complain about their working conditions.

This isn’t a case of hypocrisy, because I complain about my job all the time.  The difference is that these are people who have job offers elsewhere and either have turned them down or are waiting to see what happens here.

These things do not get better.  They only get worse.

I for one, am slowly but surely looking for greener pastures.  When I see them, I am out of here immediately.  I don’t have any long-term future here.

One co-worker in particular is completely hosed.  He was switched from a bellman position to a front desk position, and has never recieved a pay change for doing so.  (It’s a pay difference of about $.5-$1 an hour.)  This was months ago.  The management is giving him one stupid excuse after another about why he’s on the old pay scale.  He has job offers at other hotels that would start him out at more than what he would make even if they give him the pay they should.  He has no reason at all to stay here.  Yet he does.  I ask him why he doesn’t move on, and he says, “I don’t know” and then goes on and on about why he hates this place.


2 thoughts on “Hate Your Job? Quit!

  1. Shine says:

    I hate my present job, because I was asked to blog to market my company’s fucking products. I had to post to blogs and pages that high rankings. And you know what I am? A technical Writer!

  2. Willow says:

    And here you are on a blog, bitching about your company and their products! Way to stick it to the man, Shine!

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