Kitties are Crazy

Someone called Crazylady has chosen This Way Lies Madness as one of her favored links.  I have no idea who this person is, but she likes cats and her blog is kind of wierd, so I thought I’d call attention to her blog.  That is all.

Edit:  I seem to have misread the url, since Crazylady doesn’t exist anymore.  Or she deleted her blog.  Or I’m just going nuts.


2 thoughts on “Kitties are Crazy

  1. Rahvin says:

    Huh? You can tell who’s in our favorite links? Uh oh….

    It wasn’t me. Honest. It was my… umm… cat. She has strange tastes… 🙂

  2. Willow says:

    No, but I can tell who’s linking to me. If you go to Dashboard-Blogstats on your WordPress control panel, you can find all sorts of interesting stuff about your blog.

    In this case, someone followed a link on Crazylady’s site to my page. I checked her page out, since I’m always curious to know who’s talking about me, and noticed I was in her (extensive) Blogroll.

    Tangent: The Girl in Green setup lacks a blogroll, one of the many features I miss from the old crazy too-many-flowers-theme.

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