Return of Classic Quotes

They just won’t stop talking!

Coworker #2:  Willow, my drawer is $100 short.

Me:  Let me see.  No, you’re $100 over.

Coworker #2:  What?  Why would that be?

Me:  I’m looking (starts going through computer files).

Coworker #2:  Could it have anything to do with the fact that the drawer was over $100 when I came in?

The following are all excerpts from our employee logbook:

Coworker #2:  (highlighted)  “OH, GOOD MOROW COWORKER #!”

Coworker #2:  “I know you and you know who (Madra) hate me, the man told me, that’s okay.  I still love each and last one of you!”

(I have no idea what to make of this.  I don’t know who Madra is, either.)

Coworker #2:  “Guess what?  I get to stay in the dells at a resport for $69 a night, awesome!  I Rock, yeah!”

(Best Western employee rates are $39.  There’s probably one in the Dells.)

Hotel General Manager: “Please keep notes pertaining to hotel information only.”


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