On Style

I’m doing my final edit of The Barren Garden before trying to find a publisher.  I’m struck by how… bad some of the writing is.

Maybe it’s not bad, but it’s so different than what I’ve been writing about lately.  Consider:  the Barren Garden is largely a metaphor for isolation; the main character is a gardener, a tinkerer, and a dreamer.  Pandora’s Box is a metaphor for the evils of corporate-power; the main character is a wisecracking, obscenity-spewing cyberninja.  Yes, there are “action” scenes in The Barren Garden, but they are few and far between, and are Woman vs. Nature, not Cyberninja vs. Cyberninja (or Cyberninja vs. Dozens of Mooks).

I found the last two chapters incredibly entertaining to reread; they’re in the middle of the book, and things are starting to get really good and the plot is picking up momentum.  Does this mean my book starts too slow, or I my tastes have just changed?

I started writing the Barren Garden just a year ago, as part of National Novel Writing Month.  The prose was originally sloppy, but it’s been through several rewrites.  But last November, maybe I was just a different person then than I am now.


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