Election Retrospective

Voting off campus is way harder than voting on-campus.  People actually go out to the polls.  Two things stayed the same:  there wasn’t any parking, and I was close enough to walk to the polling place.

Looks like the Dems won big time on the National level.  Liberals in the Hizz-ouse!  A 49-49-2 tied Senate is predicted, with an independent Joe Liberman as a new face for the non-mainstream crowd.  I think it’s fantastic to see independent candidates winning elections to our national legislature.

Wrinkle: even though he’s going to be voting Liberal, a tied Senate will mean that it’s technically held by the tie-breaking party, the Republicans.  (Even though in a straight party vote, they’d lose.)  Which means that they technically ‘control’ the chamber, and can determine who sits on certain comittees, which are the real power in the Senate.

Will an independent rejoin the Democratic party to give them a bureaucratic boost?  Or will they remain seperate, as a shining example of not being owned by the political machine?  It’s a tough choice, and one I’m glad I don’t have to make.

Democratic Governor Doyle was reelected, which I find surprising.  Especially since the Gay Marriage Ban and the Death Penalty Referendum both passed, and by a larger margin, which means that there are Doyle supporters out there that were anti-Gay Marriage.  That’s what kind of confuses me, because I would think that the ban-gay-marriage people would be overwhelmingly anti-Doyle.  (For what it’s worth, *I* didn’t even vote for Doyle.)

What’s up next for Wisconsin?  Expect lots of bru-haha over banned civil unions, and more brain drain of Madison’s graduates, as they move to warmer climes, enviromentally, and socially.


One thought on “Election Retrospective

  1. Tim says:

    As of today (Thursday) both Indies have vowed to vote the Dems into the majority, so that makes it 51-49.

    I wasn’t surprised at all that the initiatives passed. Unfortunately, they reflect the typical mindset of Wisconsin outside of Madison and Milwaukee.

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