This is Really Stupid, But…

Ok, on the radio they have these commercials for Ben & Jerry’s where they have weird ice-cream related fake words.  For a commercial, they’re ok.

Anyway, the word in one of these was “bananalyze.”  Which is, to you know, analyze an ice cream that has bananas in it.  Say it out loud.  Not bad, eh?

Well here’s the problem.  Later on, the word “banalysis” is used.  While banalysis rolls off the tounge, it’s an incorrect extrapolation of the word bananalyze.  It should be bananalysis, which is really darn hard to say.  Trust me, I’ve been trying to say it all night.


One thought on “This is Really Stupid, But…

  1. Heya,

    I’ve been to the Ben and Jerry’s headquarters in Vermont. Took a tour and everything. Did you know they have a whole department responsible for coming up with words like banalayze (btw, I like Banalysis better too)? And they also have a graveyard for dead flavors! One of the dead flavors was peanutbutter and chocolate. I would have thought that flavor would be really popular. /shruggs



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