Keeping Me Busy

I haven’t posted for a few days.  Here’s why.

Earlier this week, I realized that I have absolutely way too much free time at work, and much of that is spend putzing around on  I run a play by post game, but it has only two players, and they aren’t all that active.

I had an idea earlier for an L5R 3rd ed game where the players are the Winds (not the canon ones, but ones of their own design), and are ultrapowerful, and mostly rival each other.

The response has been amazing.  I’m flooded with posts, and it’s almost impossible to keep up with the character submissions.  There’s some truly out there ones that will get summarized or reposted here.

But I’m *really* looking forward to this.  I mean, one of the players took Nemesis: Kokujin.  So I got to writeup Kokujin.  How awesome is THAT?

2 thoughts on “Keeping Me Busy

  1. Heya,

    That is really cool, Willow? I have a question about PBP games. What do you, as the GM, have to do to a game to make it playable on a billboard? I mean, L5R is totally a face-to-face game. So what do you have to do to make it work in that new environment?



  2. Willow says:

    First, I look at mechanics. Any ‘with teeth’ resolution system is right out. The players need to be able to make their action, and either resolve it within the same post, or within the GM’s next post. It can be ok as long as the ‘with teeth’ mechanics are made before the end result and the players are making their own die rolls.

    ‘Decision tree’ systems don’t work too well. Resolution should be fast and furious.

    Example: Burning Wheel seems like it wouldn’t work well, since each round you script, reveal your scripts, decide if you want to abort, roll maneuvers, roll your actions, roll damage and armor when attacking, and Artha can be spent in any of the roll steps.

    Dogs in the Vinyard is actually GREAT, because each back and forth is the player rolling alot of dice and describing what they do. (The player has to roll their own dice though, otherwise this would drag down insane.) There’s also a few tweaks I’ve made to reduce the turnaround time, but I’m basically running straight out of the book.

    ‘Tactical Play’ D&D seems like it would be a nightmare, especially if you tried to use a battle grid.

    L5R is mainstream task oriented, so resolution is pretty simple. There’s a teeth mechanic, void points, but it’s spent before the roll is made, not after. By publicly posting enemy defense values, I can ensure that players can make their attack and damage rolls in one post.

    Any other questions?

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