Don’t Mess With Me

Ok, so this was wierd.  It happened Monday, but I’ve been mulling it over, trying to figure out just what to make of it.

Monday morning, Coworker #1 enters the building.  I say “hi,” somewhat friendly.  I’m usually cheery in the mornings: I get to go home, and Monday is the start of my weekend.  I love Monday mornings.

What’s her response?  “I know you hate me, Willow, so you can stop pretending to be nice to me.”

How is one supposed to respond to that?  I said, “yeah, ok.”  (However, I didn’t stop being nice to her.  While leaving, I was extra-suggary-fake-nice.)

I tell her it’s nothing personal, it’s just that I hate everyone.  She suggests that if that’s the case, I shouldn’t be working in the hospitality business.  I agree with her.

She goes on to shout at me for fifteen minutes about what a terrible person I am.  I sit there laughing at her, as if to challenge her with a “is that all you got?”  Six months ago, this might have made me depressed.  Two years ago, I might have been driven into a rage.  But when it happened, it was just… minor irritation, with a hint of irony.  And later, a zen calm.  Yeah, my coworker hates me.  Boo friggen hoo.

Some gems from this:  she chides me for being a gossip.  I call her on it: the front desk staff is four women- I know that everyone gossips about everyone else behind their backs.  She denies she does it, and then goes on to badmouth one of our coworkers and my friend.

(Remember, this is the coworker who didn’t know the definition of irony.)

Several guests (including some regulars) AND the cafe/maintenance manager over hear this.  I later remark to said manager “gee, coworker #1 finally snapped.”

So I leave, and I find out that she left property later that day.  But here’s where it gets wierd: my boss is saying she was fired.  Usually, when people leave work without notice, its in the employer’s best interest to treat it as a quit so they won’t have to pay unemployment.  In her case, they’re treating it as a firing.  I can’t help but wonder if her Willow-directed-tirade had anything to do with it.

(Oh, and she later called the cops to ‘tip them off’ that the front desk staff were doing cocaine while on duty, and she was prank calling us.  Officers came by, the manager took care of it, the cops called her, and the prank calls stopped.  The company’s apparently looking into getting a restraining order.)


One thought on “Don’t Mess With Me

  1. Rahvin says:

    I’m fairly certain that if an employee is fired for leaving while on duty, she can’t collect unemployment. Unemployment is only granted in the case of “no fault of your own” loss of employment, and I’m sure the employer in this case would likely fight if anyone tried to charge him for her unemployment (since former employers pay a portion of it).

    Also, calling it a firing makes it far more difficult for her to find a job within the industry.

    Depending on their job, they might also have special policies inacted for former employers, which she could no longer participate in. The best example of this are businesses that actively make it easy for former employees (that quit, not those that are fired) to return to the company.

    There might also be issues regarding the company’s benefits package, such as medical and retirement. I’m not sure. I don’t think so.

    Finally, it looks bad on your books if your business has a high percentage of employees that quit. Generally, a business wants people in higher more prestigious positions to quit and lower status positions get fired.

    Also, personally, there’s just a more emotional feeling of “gotcha” when you fire an annoying employee than when you get them quit, but I’m sure this isn’t a factor in this case…

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