Drifting HERO

Over on the Herogames board’s forums here, I’m toying with a method of one (or few) roll conflict resolution for HERO, as an alternative to the main conflict rules.  Setting up HERO to support scene or task resolution has been an agenda of mine for a while, and I think this is a good step.

Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Drifting HERO

  1. Tim says:

    I fall into the “If the combat is nonessential just narrate it and get to what is essential” crowd. What is the function of these “unessential combats”?

    Introducing scene resolution to Hero is a major hack, and I’m not sure that the official Hero forum is the best place to look for help for that.

  2. Willow says:

    I prefer not to think of these things as important/unimportant, but rather, as having a spectrum of importance. How much screen time is a given fight worth? An hour or more of a dice-fest, a line or two of GM-narration, or somethign in between?

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