Lost in Time and Space

Here’s something that happened a week ago, but I was in the middle of the whole Conflict/Task saga, so I didn’t get around to posting it.

So, my extended-family’s Christmas get-together was being held.  Google couldn’t find the address (try yourself- search for Kansastown WI).  I called my relatives, confirming that I had the right address, and I got directions.

Anyway, I had been here before, about two years ago.  (Last year Christmas was someplace else).  That time, I had a little bit of trouble getting there, nothing major, but got lost on the way back.  And I’m talking passing the same gas-station twice lost.

I never get lost while driving.  It’s this thing I do.  I have really good vehicular direction sense, and I always know where I’m going more or less.  But two years ago, I got lost on these county roads.

So, what do I do last Friday?  That’s right, I get lost on my way back.  I miss the turn for highway A, keep going, and then when I get to highway A again, I take the wrong turn, misjudging how far I am (I think this is what happened).  Anyway, I figure out pretty quick that I’m not going the way I came, but I know Hwy 45 is around here somewhere, and that (eventually) hooks up with 94.  It’s not going to be as fast as the way I took, but it’s a way.

So, in my road-trip of errors, I did the following:

*Passed the mystery gas station from before, which should not have been that far north.

*Finding out that I’m going south east when I was certain I was going north westish.

*After getting onto 45 (from A), later crossing A, and then later crossing A again.

*Seeing two ‘Entering Milwaukee County’ signs, on the same road, a few miles apart, with no other county markers in between.


One thought on “Lost in Time and Space

  1. Tim says:

    Welcome to the Wisconsin Twilight Zone.

    I used to be pretty bad with driving navigation. I know people who are even worse. Imagine having that experience trying to drive in a straight line from point A to B.

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