I’m Sick of Publishing Prejudice

You know those people who are like “Game X?  It’s owned by Company X, and not the author.  I think I’ll pass.”  Or “Game Y?  It’s indie?  No thanks, I’d rather play a game where I do stuff.”

I’ve got a big bucket of go-home-and-stfu for those people.  Indie games are not miraculously better than traditional games.  Indie games may be truer to the ‘designer’s intent,’ but sometimes the designer is full of crap, and these days anyone can make an indie game, sell it on lulu, and get some artsy pompous guy to buy it.

Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with lots of indie games.  Just because it’s indie, doesn’t mean it’s high concept, or doesn’t have rules for blowing people up with giant explosions.  The point to these games is fun, not GNS Jargon, despite what the legions of Forge-goblins may have you believe.

So yeah.  Read reviews, read the game, play it on it’s own merits, not because of some ethical or systematic statement about how games should be written and sold.


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