Deadlands Reloaded: A Very Savage Veteran Table

Disapointed by the 14 card Veteran Table in Deadlands Reloaded, I felt the need to make my own: 54 cards, just how it’s supposed to be done.

Most of these are simply Major hindrances, and may seem tame compared to the entries in the book, but variety is the spice of life, and an unexpected hindrance can always shift the balance more than some wacky curse.

(And unlike my previous HoE Veteran table, it can be much more easily adapted to other Deadlands lines.)


Veteran o’ the Savage West
By Willow Palecek

Deuce: Just Bad
The character has found out the hard way that he’s bad at something. The Marshall should pick a skill the character has at d6- something he’s apt to use, but not the character’s most important skill. He has -4 to all rolls with that skill. Or, the Marshall can let the suit do the talking instead:
Clubs: Bad At Keeping Quiet: The character gets -4 to all Sneaking rolls.

Diamonds: Bad At Cards: The character gets -4 to all Gambling rolls.

Hearts: Bad On A Horse: The character gets -4 to all Riding rolls.

Spades: Bad With Guns: The character gets -4 to all Shooting rolls.

Three: Bad Apple
Anywhere you go, your friends and companions suffer because of you. You’re fine, though.

Clubs: Jinxed- anytime one of your companions rolls Snake Eyes, something extra-bad happens to them.

Diamonds: Fearmonger- Anywhere you go, the Fear Level increases by two.

Hearts: Carrier- all your companions have Ailin’: Major, although the disease can’t worsen.

Spades: Collateral Damage: You have the Grim Servant of Death hindrance.

Four: Shattered

Clubs: Shattered Attention Span: -2 to any Smarts roll.

Diamonds: The Shakes: -2 to any Agility roll.

Hearts: Shattered Health: -2 to any Vigor roll.

Spades: Shattered Spirit: -2 to any Spirit roll.

Five: Hindrance
Something happened to you, and now you’re not the man you used to be.

Clubs: Hard of Hearing (Major)

Diamonds: Bad Eyes (Major)

Hearts: Ailin’: Major

Spades: Bad Luck

Six: Seen the Elephant

Clubs: Death Wish: You’ve seen a lot of bad stuff, and probably done some things you aren’t too proud of. There’s only one way to make amends, and that’s going to your grave, shooting and screaming.

Diamonds: Habit: Major. You’ve seen a lot of bad stuff, and drown your sorrows in booze or drugs.

Hears: Heroic: You’ve seen a lot of bad stuff, and you’ll never let it happen again.

Spades: Phobia: Major. You’ve seen a lot of bad stuff, and it scares you silly.

Seven: Yet more Hindrances

Clubs: Bad Dreams

Diamonds: Wanted (Major)- Maybe you did some horrible deed, or maybe you were framed. You should figure out what you’re wanted for, and where.

Hearts: Enemy (Major)- You’ve angered some force of evil in the world, maybe Grimm, maybe Hellstrome, maybe Black River.

Spades: Enemy (Major)- You’re on the wrong side of a force of good- maybe the Agency, or the Texas Rangers, or some other mostly altruistic group.

Eight: Still more Hindrances

Clubs: Lame

Diamonds: One Arm

Hearts: Small

Spades: One Eye

Nine: Not that Great

Clubs: Anemic

Diamonds: Slowpoke

Hearts: Yellow

Spades: Thin Skinned

Ten: Chip Issues

Clubs: Slow Learner- You only gain experience from a Fate chip on a roll of 6. Blue chips give you experience on a roll of 5-6.

Diamonds: Tool of the Reckoners- The Marshall gets an extra chip draw each session.

Hearts: Closed Fate- Others can’t give you chips. A character with the Common Bond edge can spend a chip to give you chips normally.

Spades: Screwed- You can’t spend chips on Soak rolls.

Jack: Old Soldier
Maybe you were in the Civil War, or just one of the many smaller confrontations of the Wasted West, but you’ve been touched for life by what you’ve seen.

Clubs: Flashbacks- Anytime you draw a Deuce for initiative, you have a Flashback to your fightin’ days. You get to take no actions that round, and can’t even tell what’s going on. You can’t cancel this with edges like Quick or Fast as Lighting

Diamonds: The Horror, The Horror- Anytime you fail a guts roll, the Marshall rolls/draws twice on the Fear table.

Hearts: Combat Hesitation: Anytime your initiative card is a Face card, treat it as a Ten of the same suit instead.

Spades: Old Enemies: You have a major Enemy- composed of a specific officer and his troops on the other side. Even though it’s peacetime, someone on the other side of the border is carrying a giant grudge.

Queen: Bad Stuff
Clubs: Cursebearer. You’ve picked up a cursed object along your travels. The Marshall should be creative. Anything really nasty should come with a good side, making the character loathe to part with it once he finds out what he’s got!

Diamonds: Unequiped: You start the same with no gear other than the clothes on your back. Any equipment bought with money gained from spending Hindrance points is misplaced or in the hands of an Enemy, but the Marshall should give you a reasonable shot at getting it back (especially if it’s key to your character concept). You can’t buy any equipment or wealth related edges with your Veteran points.

Hearts: Unreliable: You have a tendency to lose things. Every session, draw a card- on a Joker, you lose something valuable. These are usually gone for good. Alternatively, it breaks.

Spades: Gremlins- Any technological item you use tends to break or malfunction. If you roll a 1 on the trait die, the mechanical device breaks until someone Repairs it (taking several hours). Gizmos or El Cheapo gear malfunction on a roll of 1 or 2.

King: Magical Weakenss
Clubs: Abomination Foe
Abominations just hate you. They always pick you out as their first foe, and can uncannily sense your presence.

Diamonds: Magical Vulnerability
Any offensive power used against your character has +4 on its activation roll, and if applicable, +2 damage.

Hearts: Backlash Magnet
If you’re a magician, anytime you draw/roll for Backlash, Brainburn, etc. the Marshall draws two cards and takes the worse.
Alternatively, if you aren’t a magician, anytime someone near you Backlashes and there’s a chance it will hurt you, it will.

Spades: Forsaken
Beneficial magic just doesn’t work on your character anymore. Negative magic does just fine.

Ace: Legendary Foe
The character has one epic arch-nemesis. This person is more than just a Wild Card, or a Major Enemy. Make them special, Marshall.

Clubs: It didn’t stay dead: The character thinks he killed a big abomination, but he’s wrong, and it’s out for vengeance. We’re talking things like Hangin’ Judges, Ancient Doom Mummies, Servitors, and the like.

Hearts: Sibling rivalry: The character has an evil twin, magical or normal, or just a mundane sibling who’s out to make their life hell.

Diamonds: Enemy of State: The character is Wanted for High Treason or some other high crime in either the North or South. The bounty on his head is a massive $10,000, and the Agency or the Texas Rangers are likely to want to bring them in. Truly innocent characters should have the chance of finding the true perpetrator of their crimes and clearing their names, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Spades: Marked for Death: The character has drawn the attention of the right-hands of the Reckoners themselves. Stone, Raven, Grimm, or Hellstrome has plans for the Hero, and they don’t turn out good. (Alternately, pick another major villain, such as Mina Devlin or Kang.)

Joker: Harrowed
Red: ‘Normal’ Harrowed.
Black: Character starts with -2 Dominion.


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