Age of Air: Progress!

It’s really long, so I think I’ll just link to the posting.  But yay, I was all productive tonight and stuff!  It makes me really happy to be able to write out an actual functional (if barely) set of rules, that I could actually see playing with.  (Unlike the conceptual skeleton that was Shattered Vistas.)  Anyway, if you’re in to checking out new game designs, please give it a go, and tell me your thoughts.


One thought on “Age of Air: Progress!

  1. Len says:

    See my post at GD.

    Please, sift thru the crap at the Vanguard site about diplomacy; your ideas are much like theirs, enough that you might want to see the approach they are using;
    I’ll post an explanation at the GD Forum, as weak as I amy be in explaining it.


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