Age of Air: Random Thoughts on Magic

Magic in the Age of Air

Magic in the Age of Air comes in two varieties: Wizardry and Blessings.

Blessings is the province of Priests.  Each Priest chooses one element; he can create magical effects related to this element.

Air: Energy, Enlightenment, Flight, Hubris, Protection, Weather
Earth: Inertia, Stability
Fire: Destruction, Purity
Water: Death, Life

(So, for example, a Water Priest can cast a Blessing with the Death or Life effect, or one from any of the other groups labeled ‘Water.’)

Vast majority of Priests are of the Air variety (80%?).  Outside of cities, they are generally independent, and are the equivalent of village ‘wise-men/women.’  They usually are spiritual, but not dogmatic leaders for their communities.  Cult leaders are often Fire or Water Priests who embraced their element’s negative aspect.  In cities, Priests tend to organize themselves peacefully, and focus more on dogma and philosophy.

Wizards have a wider selection of abilities.  (But less actual abilities?)  No limit on elemental overlap.  Wizardry must be taught- in the countryside, there is often a master/apprentice relationship, and the great cities have academies.


4 thoughts on “Age of Air: Random Thoughts on Magic

  1. Troy_Costisick says:


    I have a suggestion on Wizards. Since you are having the priests be tied to the elements (usually the realm of wizards) why not have the wizards be tied to virtues. But not just any virtues. They would be tied to virtues of power.

    For instance, they could be tied to:


    This would reverse the traditional roles of priests and wizards and set up an interesting conflict between the two groups. The priests, in charge of religion, really just focus on nature and its elements. The wizards, in charge of essoteric knowledge, are actually the authorities on virtue in the society.

    This would place priests and wizards in direct conflict with each other over the hearts and minds of the people. It would make for some great campaign fodder, IMO.



  2. Willow says:

    Troy- that’s nifty. I’m thinking high-falutin’ greek philosophy and arete and like. Did you just pull those Virtues out of your butt, or they from something historical?

    Anyway, I like it. Chances are, I’ll steal it in some form.

  3. Troy_Costisick says:

    They came strait from my butt 😉



  4. Willow says:

    ‘Enlightenment’ and ‘Hubris’ are supposed to be the dominant aspects of Air (just as Life and Death correspond to Water.) These seem begging to be tied into magicians in some way.

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