I’ve Been Sigged!

I’m not one for putting other people’s quotes in my signatures on forum boards, but it’s a common occurence.  I’ll usually put a link to my blog in there, or maybe a funny quip of my own.  But it’s often fun to read what other people had to say.  And now it happened to me.

The place: Grumblingdwarf.  The topic:  User “TheStormCellar” wants to run a ladies-only roleplaying game.  The result?  Four or five guys chime in with what system she should be using.

So here’s my immortal quote:

‘This is the point where normal guys would be like “heh heh, you should play lesbians. Or mud wrestlers, or lesbian mud wrestlers. And have pillow fights.”

Instead, you’re all like, “sometimes I think about two girls playing Mortal Coil, and then I go play Mortal Coil… by myself.” ‘

So, to Storm Cellar, I’m glad I gave you a laugh.  And to all the guys out there, why are the pages of your copy of Mortal Coil stuck together?


One thought on “I’ve Been Sigged!

  1. Tim says:

    I told you, I only read Mortal Coil for the articles!

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