Fun Little Internet Games

Here’s what I’m doing when I’m shirking my writing responsibilities.  (I’m ‘clearing my mind’ honest!  It’s a vital part of the creative inspiration.

Popcap Games is home to a host of internet games, but so far my favorite is Alchemy.  Get symbols, put them on the board.  Everything you put them next to has to match either symbol or color.  Get a full row or column, and it clears, giving you more room to put down stuff.  Once you’ve covered ever square at least once, the hole board clears, and you go to the next level- only this time, there’s more symbols involved.  And maybe more colors.

Winterbells– Introduced to me recently by a coworker, who challenged me to beat his high score.  I did, it’s 323340.  Bring it.  A cute little game about a bunny jumping from bell to bell.  Hit the birds to double your score.  This is key.


One thought on “Fun Little Internet Games

  1. josiah says:

    i cannot beat your high score, that’s for sure

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