Age of Air: Drifters

(I can’t come up with the name Drifters; but if the shoe fits- wear it!)

One of the questions people ask me often about the Age of Air is this: What do the PCs Do?  I feel it’s self-explanatory, but for those of you who need something better, They Drift.

‘Drifters’ are a socially understood and accepted role.  Drifters do odd-jobs, chase bounties, fight sky pirates, find macguffins, serve as mercenaries, and generally wander the landscape, doing adventurer stuff.  There’s no one look that Drifters have, but they usually have a sky-worn, motely appearance.  This being an age of peace, harmony, and enlightenment, Drifters usually end up right where they’re needed.  Drifters are generally trusted, although many bandits often pose as Drifters, so this isn’t blind trust.

In rich communities, Drifters can expect to earn generous rewards for their services, and poor communities usually host the Drifters and give them some extra supplies to help them on their way.  Drifters tend to be less trusted and more bound to formal proceedings in large cities, but they are no less valued.

(Note that not all PCs are Drifters- this is just an obvious campaign format.  And likewise, not all Drifters are PCs.)

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